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Swissuplabs is proud to offer 46 Magento 1 modules and 38 Magento 2 extensions. All modules come with an appealing interface, both for your and for your customers. Our development is focused on making your store on track toward success. Ask yourself which ways you'll choose to bring your store usability to the highest level, to promote your website, to get higher search engine rankings and to become a top online marketplace. Get positive experience with Swiss Up Labs Magento extensions and get 44 sales-boosting business marketing ideas that go hand in hand with Magento development guidelines.
  1. Mobile theme

    Mobile theme

    Best Magento mobile theme for creating the streamlined experience around the e-commerce. Learn More
  2. Ajax Pro

    Ajax Pro

    Improve your store usability. Using the extension, you allow customers to add products to a cart and edit a shopping cart content faster without page reload. Learn More
  3. Ajax Layered Navigation

    Ajax Layered Navigation

    Quick and easy navigation through the large store. Improves the overall look of layered navigation block, using layered navigation blocks styles. Makes your store more eye-catching, using different types of attribute options such as images attributes, checkboxes and drop down options attribute. Learn More
  4. Ajax Search And Autocomplete

    Ajax Search And Autocomplete

    Allows your visitors to see the suggested products right after they type the first letter in a search box. Completely configurable through admin. interface. Learn More
  5. Products Questions

    Products Questions

    Allows adding a discussion block to any place in your store. Supports product page, cms page and category page discussion. Integrated with Akismet service in order to stop spam. Supports the configuration of private questions personally to registered customer. Learn More
  6. Banners and Custom Blocks

    Banners and Custom Blocks

    Manages banners, pop-up windows and custom blocks in your store right from the admin interface. Allows you to track the total number of views and impressions of a banner. Learn More
  7. Helpdesk with built-in Knowledge Base

    Helpdesk with built-in Knowledge Base

    Improves the support process. Easy to use help desk and knowledge base.The extension reduces the number of clients requests. Simplifies a support process and makes it more efficient. Learn More
  8. Navigation Pro

    Navigation Pro

    Improve your store navigation. Provides you with various user-friendly menu types for your store. Enables adding an unlimited number of sub-columns, additional links, banners and widgets and Amazon-like mega menu. Learn More
  9. Full Page Cache

    Full Page Cache

    Makes your store faster. Based on core Magento features that support both static and dynamic blocks. Page configuration settings make it possible to restrict caching of any page in the extension configuration. Comes with the cache crawler. Learn More
  10. Product Highlight

    Product Highlight

    Allows you to display custom products collections filtered by category, price, attribute value, show best sellers and most viewed products without editing the code of your store. Supports different product block types. Learn More

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