• Why you need to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages for your Magento site

    Magento AMP integration

    Business is going to be completely mobile. Over 10 Billion mobile-connected devices are currently in use. Talking about statistics on mobile e-commerce in the United States in 2016 we see that:

    • 125 million U.S. users own smartphones
    • 50 million U.S. users own tablets
    • 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using the mobile device
    • 80% of buyers used a mobile phone inside of a shop to either view product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations.

    Thus if you don’t want to be behind, start customizing your eCommerce website to suit mobile visitors.

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  • Supercharge your website with modules updated for Magento

    Supercharge your website with modules updated for Magento

    Magento has recently released new Community edition version. New release is expected to improve a quality of catalog and payments as well as your site security, that is of major importance for your ecommerce business.  

    So, what do you have to know about Magento CE release...

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  • Where to find a way to achieve your goals in 2017

    Where to find a way to achieve your goals in 2017

    Welcome the new year!

    SwissUpLabs team is about to embark on a successful year. Assuming that all the festivities are over, let’s start together with new goals and aspirations. It means it’s the time to keep working and get another chance to do everything we want to do in 2017. You don’t have to stand on your head to succeed. Allow us to do that.

    A cat in gloves catches no mice. We know and we're going to work our butt off. Our goal is to maximize e-commerce value for you. We hope you enjoy collaboration with us. In order to remind you we are a trusted company, we'd like to reflect on all that has happened at SwissUpLabs throughout the 2016.    

    Also while you are planning a special dinner menu and no gifts are not expected more, we still want to make a present for you. Let the two days be accompanied by 25% on Templates-Master Magento modules and themes with code NY2017. The offer is valid until January 2.

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  • Every Business Can Benefit From Cloudways Magento Hosting

    Improving Magento checkout with address verification and autocomplete

    Cloudways, a veteran in Magento Hosting, is a PaaS provider which offers you great Magento Hosting experience on top of cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Google GCE, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Kyup. Cloudwaysplatform also gives you a complete Managed Magento Hosting solution like never before.

    At Cloudways, our motto is "Managed Cloud Hosting for Everyone," which means that it is the best fit for anyone who wants to host their websites on magento regardless of their experience or expertise. It gives freedom to users to use the platform according to their needs.

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  • 18 examples of product page tabs design to inspire you

    18 examples of product page tabs design to inspire you

    Achieving a great customer experience has always been a priority. Following the idea to help you come through creating a user-friendly site with a high conversion rate, we go on to cover all points in store usability. Undoubtedly the improved navigation and checkout page are the key points in overall site usability. However, you can also provide your customers with having a whale of a time on a product page.

    Need a product page that converts visitors into happy customers?

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  • How to generate extra income with Swissuplabs and Argento affiliate program

    How to generate extra income with Swissuplabs and Argento affiliate program

    How lucky we are to say something that makes getting extra income easier. We’re excited to announce an affiliate program for Argento and Swissuplabs.

    This new program allows SW partners to earn a 20% commission for the initial and all recurring orders placed by customers referred by affiliates.

    Affiliate program is always considered to be an important income stream. Through our years of experience with Templates-Master affiliate marketing, we gained fairly good market-share.

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  • 12+ Magento fashion stores to inspire you

    12+ Magento fashion stores to inspire you

    Magento is still at the top. Now a Magento is around 12% of the market share and keeps growing. We suppose the lion's share of success is a Magento 2 version release. The fact that the Magento is a leader among most growing ecommerce platforms is based on launching much more new websites since 2016. Shopping, business, games, technology, health, vehicles, sports, etc. branches use Magento platform as a good starting point.

    Today we’d like to review Magento fashion stores…

    We believe the Magento is designed especially for fashion stores creating. It is one that provides your fashion site with effective combination of awesome products and precise structure.

    We consider stunning websites which decided to improve the bottom line with an extended Magento and Magento 2 functionality. If you want to follow their success, keep reading the post.

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  • Secret tips for high converting landing pages affecting sales

    Secret tips for high converting landing pages affecting sales

    Running an ecommerce business is hard work with many steps and decisions that need to come together. If you are dreaming about generated leads and sales you would probably looking for effective conversion solutions to make sales perform as well as you expected.

    We keep providing you with tips which will help you to increase the overall conversion. You might have seen our posts about best checkout solutions, tips for abandoned cart recovery and many other helpful articles.

    Today we’re going to talk to you about landing page creation. You will see bright landing page samples in our blog post. There will be recommendations for better landing page conversion. Furthermore we will show you different tools for landing page optimization.

    What is the basis of a landing page solution?

    Landing page is a single page with a target of prefered audience. You can design a few pages to accomplish different goals. The main task is to encourage visitors click through call-to-actions elements shown on a landing page. No complicated navigation, flashing banners, extra menu. Everything around should create the only background for the clickable content. The challenge will be designing something to cause a stir in this page.

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  • 28+ Magento One Step Checkout modules, including free ones. Full list for October 2018.

    28+ Magento One Step Checkout modules, including free ones. Full list for October 2018.

    Online sales are expected to grow. If you want to keep your business thriving you have to improve a user experience first. The fact is that 86 percent of shoppers will pay more for a better customer experience. Exactly this benchmark is going to be a key basis for competition. In order to stay ahead of your rivals, you have 2 ways:

    • Come onto the market with low-priced products. In our opinion, it doesn't lead anywhere.
    • Provide excellent customer experience. Understanding user behavior, you would easily find solutions to achieve desired results in trading.

    Today we are going to talk to you about Magento checkout page as a tool to improve the overall user experience. You will see the ideas as well as ready-to-use custom Magento checkout modules that will help you to compete for the customers.

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  • How to recover abandoned carts. Discover 11 awesome abandoned cart emails examples.

    How to recover abandoned carts. Discover 11 awesome abandoned cart emails examples.

    What makes users abandon a shopping cart when they’ re close to completing the purchase process? We know this question is the most common in the e-commerce network. The vast amount of information in a web brings digitals, reasons, and tips about…

    What still to do to recover abandoned shopping carts...

    Following our previous post about "How to improve Magento checkout" we keep research efficient solutions. Today we are going to discuss with you what you can do when the shopping cart abandonment rate continues to grow.

    So what to start from…

    Let discover the reasons why your customers abandon their carts. But first we’d like to share with some of the latest news about cart abandonment.

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